The Wishlist for Creators 

Join over 10,000 creators and let your fans support you by sending gifts without sharing personal information.

Getting Started is Fast & Easy!

Setting up a wishlist on OnlyWishy is quick and user-friendly, taking just about 5 minutes. In addition to wishlists, creators can also craft their own bio or landing pages.

Profile Customisation

Customise your profile to match your style and show all your links on your profile.

Gift & Thank Messages

Receive messages with your gifts and thank your fans with a personal text or video!

Surprise Gifts

Let your fans send you any gift they want from the categories you choose

Why Creators love OnlyWishy

"I'm glad that I can support the creator I love and care about on a recurring basis. Super excited to be part of her journey. Highly recommend!"

Peter Mckinsey

"It's super easy for friends and members of my community to give gifts to help my career as a Youtuber. The variety of items is enormous and constantly growing."

Anna Stone - Youtuber

Easy to use and a great platform for viewers to help out or send gifts to their favorite streamers. I honestly haven't had any issues so far and I'm loving how friendly the site support is. 

Stuart Becker - Streamer

About US

OnlyWishy emerged as a solution for fans wanting to gift their favorite creators safely and privately. As the creator economy flourished with platforms like YouTube and Patreon, the need for a secure gifting method became apparent.

OnlyWishy ensures that while fans can support creators with gifts, the creators' privacy is never compromised. It's a secure wishlist service where fans pay, and OnlyWishy handles the rest – from payment processing to delivery, ensuring the utmost privacy for creators. Start enhancing your fan engagement today, with the assurance of privacy protection.

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